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At Pocodot, we strive to make traveling more enjoyable and easier than ever. Our team at Pocodot loves traveling, so we understand what can make it unenjoyable. We aim to relieve as much of that as possible. Victor went to Paris recently, but he had some issues. He doesn’t speak French and he didn’t know anything about the area. If he had someone to show him around and translate, he would be able to get a lot more done and have a lot more fun! With Pocodot, he would have that service whenever he needs it!

making travel enjoyable

Wherever you are around the world, Pocodot is committed to connecting you to guides that will ensure your safety while they are with you. We bring you guides who will provide you the information you need to stay safe for the duration of your trip.

We aim to go above and beyond normal safety standards so you don't have to worry about a thing.

We make sure you always have a safe and relaxing trip before you start your tour. You'll see your guide's name, photo, rating a specialties.

We make paying for experiences abroad easier. No more carrying foreign currency and doing conversions in your head. Everything is handled within the application.

We are currently available in two countries and are expanding globally to far-off destinations.

the pocodot team

victor young

Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer, Victor is responsible for product vision and overall business direction. He previously founded Enet, the nation’s largest cloud insurance Customer Relationship Management and e-Application for Fortune 100 insurance companies. He has built and managed a work force of over 500 employees and contractors nationwide.

As an investor, he specializes in growing and guiding early-stage startups into successful businesses. He assists in product advice and feedback to entrepreneurs as well as critical investment capital to seed ideas and watch them blossom.

tyler horan

Chief Technology Officer

As Pocodot's Chief Technology Officer, Tyler is responsible for operations, product development and our technology strategy. Tyler earned his Ph.D. studying social media networks at The New School in New York and has given talks on social networking in countries across the globe.

Currently based in San Francisco, Tyler is an avid traveler and can be spotted at JFK's terminal 8 when not building social systems in his Brooklyn office

trevor metoxen

Director of Strategy

Trevor is an integral part of product strategy and market analysis at Pocodot. He attended Stanford University, getting his B.S. in Management Science and Engineering.

Experience consulting with companies such as Game Closure, Morgan Fabrics, and Metaio on management, product, and business strategy.